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Course Review

CS50 Web Development with Python and JavaScript


Here is our in-depth review of CS50 Web Development with Python and JavaScript, based on hours of rigorous testing and evaluation.

Updated: September 6, 2023

Bottom Line

The gold standard for online courses provides the best way for programmers to learn basic Python and how to build web apps with Django and PostgreSQL.

This Course is Great For

  • Novice Programmers
  • Lectures & Homework

Fast Facts

CS50 Web Development with Python and JavaScript

CS50 Web Development with Python and JavaScript


By Brian Yu

πŸ’° $199 for certificate (free to audit) πŸ•— 30-40 hours
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Videos, Projects

#2 in The Best Online Courses for Learning Python Web Development in 2024

This course is quite rigorous, just what you'd expect from Harvard. Each module of the course contains one video lecture supplemented by detailed lecture notes and a project. You'll need the lecture notes as reference when completing the projects. But you’ll have to use supplemental resources from around the web as well, particularly the Python and Django documentation. The course is largely about teaching you how to learn to code with Python, and a major component of that is hunting for information around the web.

We absolutely love the rigor of the projects. The projects are mostly building full-featured clones of well-known websites.

The Python project is Design a front-end for Google Search, Google Image Search, and Google Advanced Search. The Django project is to Design a Wikipedia-like online encyclopedia, containing an entry page, index, search functionality, CRUD authoring, a random page, and a markdown converter. The SQL, Models, and Migrations project is Design an eBay-like e-commerce auction site that will allow users to post auction listings, place bids on listings, comment on those listings, and add listings to a β€œwatchlist.”

Each project assignment includes specs that your deliverable needs to meet in order to receive credit. If submitting your project for credit, you’ll also need to record a 5-minute screencast demonstrating the functionality of your project.

CS50 also includes one of the most robust and active communities around an online course. There are tens of thousands of active members on the Discord, and if you have a question, you typically don't have to wait long to get a solid answer.

Before You Buy

You won’t be eligible for a certificate until you complete the entire path, and you must receive 70% on all projects.

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#1 in The Best Online Courses for Learning Python Web Development in 2024

The best self-paced Python course money can buy. It's expensive, but well worth the cost for the quality of instruction and the quality of feedback on your work. The emphasis on practice exercises and real-world hands-on projects are standout features.

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The lead of this project, Brian Green, has worked in developer education since 2009. He built the content development teams at Pluralsight and Udacity, implementing quality standards and tutorials to improve course quality and working with hundreds of authors to create courseware. Most recently, he built the product team at App Academy. As of writing, he estimates he has spent nearly a year of his life taking or reviewing online courses, on topics ranging from Web Development, Networking, Server Administration, DevOps, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

How We Tested

Evaluation Criteria

We reviewed this course using the following criteria:

  1. Outcomes: The course needs to cover the essentials for someone to start working with Python in a professional capacity or on a professional-grade project. That means covering the right topics and not going beyond the scope of the course objectives.
  2. Learning Features: Real skill development happens with fingers on keys, particularly for learners moving from novice level. We looked for courses with more than just videos; exercises and projects were essential.
  3. Production Quality: The course should include polished and professional course materials. In 2024, the table stakes of even an average course are professional video production, uniform sound levels and noise-free audio, and course materials that are free of typos. Videos should also be captioned and transcribed.
  4. Real World Application: A great course teaches you enough to work on a production application. We looked for examples and best practices from professional experience, not just basic examples of how something works on a toy application.
  5. Support and Community: Learning is better together! We promote courses with thriving communities and rapid, helpful support for learners, and tend to rate courses lower if they lack community or if the community isn't valuable.

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