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The Best Online Courses for Learning Vue in 2024

We spent several hundred hours meticulously testing and reviewing several dozen Vue courses from various vendors around the web. Here are the absolute best online Vue courses available right now.

Updated: January 5, 2024

Our Top Pick

Vue Beginner Learning Path

Vue Beginner Learning Path

Vue Mastery

By Various

πŸ’° $$ πŸ•— 16 hours
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Videos| Code-along| Coding Challenges

Bottom Line

Excellent introductory to advanced level Vue courses, taught by Vue experts and core team members.

This Course Is Great For

  • Code-along screencasts
  • Micro learning
  • Real world insights

Vue Mastery's video series are highly polished and well produced. They're super concise, making them one of the most efficient on-ramps to learning Vue. They're also typically centered around a real-world project, so you learn features of Vue in a real world context.

They've helpfully organized their courses into beginner, intermediate, and advanced level paths. After completing the beginner path, you may wish to continue with those paths, or choose specific topics from their tutorial library.

Their quality is consistently high and their roster of instructors is an impressive collection of Vue contributors and speakers.

To get the most out of Vue Mastery's courses, be sure to code along with the instructor. The downloadable cheatsheets are also super helpful for ongoing reference.

Runner Up

Learn Vue Path

Learn Vue Path

Frontend Masters

By Various

πŸ’° $$ πŸ•— 14 hours
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Videos| Code-along

Bottom Line

Solid expert-led Vue learning path. The first five courses in the path are a great start for getting up to speed with Vue. And if you want to go deeper, the path continues with advanced features.

This Course Is Great For

  • Code-along workshops
  • Expert teachers
  • Real world insights

Frontend Masters courses combine footage from real-time workshops with code files so you can follow along.

We love how much emphasis is placed on how Vue is used in the real world.

The Vue path is taught mostly by Ben Hong of Netlify, a Vue Core Team member and one of the best Vue teachers around (and who also teaches at Vue Mastery).

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How We Picked and Tested

Course Selection

Our initial research involved spending hours reading hundreds of reviews of various course options, and perusing forums for recommendations and user preferences. From this research, we narrowed down to a list of 12 highly-rated candidate courses.

Evaluation Criteria

We graded the candidate courses against the following criteria:

  1. Outcomes: The course needs to cover the essentials for someone to start working with Vue in a professional capacity or on a professional-grade project. That means covering the right topics and not going beyond the scope of the course objectives.
  2. Learning Features: Real skill development happens with fingers on keys, not from passively watching. We looked for courses with more than just polished videos; exercises and projects were essential.
  3. Real World Application: A great course teaches you enough to work on a production application. We looked for examples and best practices from professional experience, not just basic examples of how something works on a toy application.
  4. Support and Community: Learning is better together! We looked for courses with thriving communities and rapid, helpful support for learners.
  5. Value for Money: Many of our recommendations are free courses. But where there's a cost, it should be justified by the quality of the experience and the outcomes.

From this thorough research and testing, we're confident this is the single best guide to Vue courses available.

Another Great Option

Learn Vue.js

Learn Vue.js


By Various Authors

πŸ’° $$$ πŸ•— 3 hours
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Readings| Coding Challenges| Quizzes

Bottom Line

Solid option for getting familiar with how Vue works.

This Course Is Great For

  • Getting started quickly
  • Quick overview of features

The course walks step by step through the core concepts of building with Vue, with a brief exercise in each lesson.

Throughout the course, you'll be working on adding interactive functionality to a real-world application - a ticket purchasing app. This is helpful because you see how the code you're creating at each step translates into real-world user interaction.

Another Great Option

Building Web Apps with Vue Path

Building Web Apps with Vue Path


By Various

πŸ’° $$$ πŸ•— 24 hours
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Videos| Code Files| Quizzes| Skill Assessment

Bottom Line

A solid option for experienced developers looking to get familiar with the core features of Vue.

This Course Is Great For

  • Code-along screencasts
  • Micro learning
  • Expert authors
  • Enterprise use cases

Starting from the absolute basics, the courses in this learning path will teach you how to build Vue apps for various use cases.

The courses are concise, well-produced, and scoped well to cover the core topics without too much overlap. The concepts are almost always explained well and demonstrated using real-world scenarios.

You’ll learn from some of the best teachers and developers in the business: Dan Wahlin, John Papa, Jim Cooper, and Shawn Wildermuth.

Why Learn Vue

Vue is a progressive JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces. It enables the development of dynamic and interactive web applications. Vue follows a component-based architecture, where applications are built by composing reusable components. It utilizes a virtual DOM for efficient rendering and offers features such as declarative syntax, two-way data binding, and a rich ecosystem of plugins and libraries to enhance development productivity.

Vue is also regarded as considerably easier to learn than other JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular, while still allowing developers to build complex applications.

Vue is a tremendously popular framework with developers, ranking the 6th most used framework by professional developers in Stack Overflow’s 2023 Developer Survey. Some of the world’s leading technology companies use Vue, including Netflix, Nintendo, Upwork, Google, and Apple.

Key Topics to Learn

Prerequisites for Learning Vue

Vue is known for its gentle learning curve and beginner-friendly nature. With a basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and web development concepts, you should be able to start learning Vue and progressively deepen your knowledge and skills.

HTML: Familiarity with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is essential since Vue is primarily used to build user interfaces. Understanding HTML tags, attributes, and structure will help you work with Vue templates effectively.

JavaScript: A solid foundation in JavaScript is crucial for working with Vue. Concepts such as variables, functions, arrays, objects, control flow, and DOM manipulation are important to grasp as Vue relies heavily on JavaScript for its functionality.

CSS: Having a good understanding of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is valuable for styling and layout purposes in Vue applications. Understanding selectors, box model, positioning, and responsive design principles will enhance your Vue development skills.

Basic Web Development: Familiarity with basic web development concepts such as the client-server architecture, HTTP requests, and RESTful APIs will be helpful when working with data and communicating with back-end services in Vue applications.

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