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The Best Online Courses for Learning TypeScript in 2023

We spent several hundred hours meticulously testing and reviewing several dozen TypeScript courses from various vendors around the web. Here are the absolute best online TypeScript courses available right now.

Updated: July 18, 2023

Learn TypeScript Path

Learn TypeScript Path

Frontend Masters

By Various


Bottom Line

One of the top video-based JavaScript learning resources available. If you complete the introductory JavaScript courses plus the Learn JavaScript path, you're going to be pretty solid with JavaScript. The first four to five courses here are a great start for getting up to speed.

This Course Is Great For

  • Code-along workshops
  • Expert teachers
  • Real world insights

In the core coursework of this path, you'll learn mostly from Mike North of Stripe (and formerly LinkedIn), so you'll learn practical insights into how TypeScript is used at top organizations. These courses are taken from real-time workshops Mike delivered, with code files so you can follow along and a reference website with detailed notes from each lecture.

The learning path will take you through the essentials of working with TypeScript, and put you on a journey to becoming your organization's TypeScript expert. You'll learn valuable insights into working with large TypeScript codebases.

Before You Buy

As a subscriber, you have access to a Discord server where Frontend Masters staff and instructors hang out and answer questions. It's one of the more valuable learning communities out there.

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Understanding TypeScript

Understanding TypeScript


By Maximilian Schwarzmuller - Academind


Bottom Line

A good choice if you can't afford other platforms, if you're newer to programming, and/or if you prefer learning from a single instructor. Clear explanations, lots of real world examples, and a helpful assignment section where you work through a project.

This Course Is Great For

  • Newer programmers
  • Code-along screencasts
  • Micro learning

In this course, Max begins by teaching the core concepts of TypeScript and then continues by guiding learners through a project. He encourages you to stop the video and work through it on your own, before watching his solution video. This is one of the best parts of the course and very helpful for solidifying TypeScript knowledge.

Before You Buy

Udemy has an interactive workspace feature, but we found them extremely buggy during testing. If you're going to learn with Udemy, we recommend coding in your own IDE and then plugging your code into the browser to run tests.

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Why Learn TypeScript

TypeScript is a free and open-source high level programming language developed by Microsoft, that adds static typing, interfaces, classes, and advanced language features to JavaScript, making it more scalable and maintainable for large-scale applications. TypeScript improves developer productivity by catching potential errors during development and providing better tooling support, while seamlessly integrating with existing JavaScript codebases and libraries.

TypeScript compiles down to plain JavaScript, so it runs anywhere JavaScript runs.

TypeScript is a tremendously popular language with developers, ranking the 5th most used programming language and 3rd most admired programming language in Stack Overflow’s 2023 Developer Survey. Some of the world’s leading technology companies use TypeScript, including Slack, Airbnb, and Google.

Key Topics to Learn

The Key Topics to focus on learning TypeScript:

Prerequisites for Learning TypeScript

To get the most out of using TypeScript, you should first be familiar with the following:

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