Interactive Job Post Creator

Design and implement a responsive login component with fields for username and password, and basic form validation.

20 hours

About This Project


This capstone project involves designing a dynamic job posting builder tailored for HR professionals at large organizations. The builder will guide users through a step-by-step process to create comprehensive job postings, offering a real-time preview, customization options, and the ability to save templates for future use. This project will challenge you to implement complex form handling, dynamic content rendering, and responsive design principles.

User Stories

  1. Step-by-Step Form: Implement a multi-step form allowing users to input job details such as title, description, requirements, and benefits.
  2. Real-time Preview: Provide a real-time preview of the job posting as it's being created, enabling users to see how their input affects the final output instantly.
  3. Custom Sections: Allow users to add custom sections or questions for applicants, giving HR professionals the flexibility to tailor job postings to specific needs.
  4. Template Saving and Retrieval: Enable users to save their job posting templates and retrieve them for future postings, streamlining the job creation process for recurring roles.
  5. Rich Text Editing: Incorporate rich text editing capabilities for the job description and requirements sections, enabling HR professionals to format text and add lists or bullet points for clarity.
  6. Preview Customization Options: Provide options to customize the look and feel of the job posting preview, such as choosing different fonts or color schemes, to align with the company's branding.

Stretch Goals

  1. Drag-and-Drop Interface: Implement a drag-and-drop interface to allow users to rearrange sections of the job posting easily, enhancing the customization experience.
  2. Accessibility Compliance: Ensure the job posting builder meets accessibility standards, making it usable for everyone, including those with disabilities.
  3. Advanced State Management: Utilize advanced state management techniques or libraries to handle the application's complexity, particularly for managing the dynamic forms and user inputs.

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  • Detailed Rubric and Instructions
  • Starter Code and Assets
  • Professional Code Review
  • Technical Interview On Your Project
  • In-Depth Written Feedback Report
  • Certificate of Completion

Skills Practiced

  • Complex Form Handling: Manage complex form states and transitions between steps in a multi-step process, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Form Validation: Implement robust form validation to ensure all required fields are correctly filled out before proceeding to the next step or submitting the form.
  • Dynamic Content Rendering: Dynamically render content based on user input, particularly for the real-time preview feature, requiring efficient state management and reactivity.
  • Mock API Integration: Design and use a mock API for submitting the form data and handling template saving and retrieval, simulating backend interactions.
  • Responsive Web Design: Ensure the job posting builder is fully responsive, providing an optimal experience across various devices and screen sizes.


Why should I build this project instead of one from scratch?

In a professional context, you're rarely starting from scratch. Curricular Projects are designed to give you a constrained real world problem so you can focus on practicing the essential skills you'll use as a professional developer, and to surface specific areas to continue studying.

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Our projects are designed to be a real world assessment of your skills, like the take home assignment during a job interview. Getting yourself unstuck is part of the skills measured. As a result, we offer very little help and direction.

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Can I get feedback on my work?

Currently, we only provide feedback on capstone projects, through our Code Review service.

The Code Review is a premium service available as an add-on purchase, combining an in-depth review of your code and a practice interview. If your project passes the review and meets all specifications, you'll receive a certificate of completion.

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