Implement an RSVP Feature

Design and implement a responsive login component with fields for username and password, and basic form validation.

3-5 hours

About This Project


Your challenge is to develop an RSVP feature for an event management application Mandatory. This feature should allow users to easily RSVP to events, manage their responses, and view event details.

You are encouraged to use a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to bring this feature to life. If you're comfortable with React or another modern JavaScript framework, consider using it to enhance the component's interactivity and reusability.

Try to make your solution look as close to the provided designs as possible.

User Stories

  1. RSVP to Events
    • As an attendee, I want to RSVP to an event, so that the event organizer can include me in the event planning.
  2. RSVP with Guests
    • As an attendee, I want the option to supply a number of guests who will attend with me. I should not be able to set this to a number less than zero.
  3. Manage RSVP
    • As an attendee, I want the option to change my RSVP status, so that I can update my attendance plans if they change.
  4. Interactivity Feedback
    • As an attendee, I want to see hover and focus states for interactive elements, so that I have a clear indication of clickable components.
  5. Responsive Design
    • As an attendee using different devices, I want to view the optimal layout for my device's screen size, ensuring a good user experience regardless of how I access the app.

Stretch Goals

To truly excel and demonstrate your skills, consider incorporating advanced features such as:

  1. Integration with a Backend: If you're able to, set up a simple backend to handle RSVP submissions, storing attendee responses in a database.
  2. Email Confirmation: Send an automatic email confirmation to users when they RSVP, using a serverless function or integrating with an email service provider.

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  • Detailed User Stories
  • Figma Design File
  • Image files of the target layout
  • Starter Code and README file

Skills Practiced

Frontend Development Skills

  1. HTML: Structuring the RSVP form and event details with semantic HTML, ensuring accessibility and SEO friendliness.
  2. CSS: Styling the components to match the application's design guidelines, using Flexbox or Grid for layout, and media queries for responsive design. Implementing hover and focus states for interactive elements.
  3. JavaScript: Adding interactivity to the RSVP process, including event handlers for RSVP submission, and dynamically updating the user's RSVP status. If data is being fetched from a backend, knowledge of asynchronous JavaScript (Promises, async/await) for API requests will be necessary.
  4. React (Optional): Building the RSVP component as a reusable React component, managing state with hooks (useState, useEffect), and potentially using context or a state management library for more complex state management across components.

UX/UI Design Skills

  1. Form Design: Creating an intuitive and easy-to-use RSVP form, with clear instructions and feedback on submission.
  2. Interaction Design: Designing meaningful interactions for the RSVP feature, including feedback for hover and focus states.
  3. Responsive Design: Ensuring the feature is accessible and visually appealing across a range of devices, from smartphones to desktop computers.

Version Control

Using Git for version control, including branching for feature development and merging into the main branch upon completion.


Why should I build this project instead of one from scratch?

In a professional context, you're rarely starting from scratch. Curricular Projects are designed to give you a constrained real world problem so you can focus on practicing the essential skills you'll use as a professional developer, and to surface specific areas to continue studying.

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Currently, we only provide feedback on capstone projects, through our Code Review service.

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