Responsive Login Form with Validation

Design and implement a responsive login component with fields for username and password, and basic form validation.

3-5 hours

About This Project


Your task is to design and implement a responsive login component for the Buggsy bug tracking SaaS application. This component is not just a gateway for authentication but also an extension of the user's experience with the Buggsy brand. It should be visually appealing, user-friendly, and adaptable to any deviceā€”desktop, tablet, or mobile.

You may use any tools you wish in order to build the frontend.

Our focus in this application is to practice responsive design and basic form validation. We have provided a JSON file with sample user credentials that you can use to validate against, but this isn't explictly required to solve the project.


  • Build a Frontend Login Page: Utilize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a functional and responsive login page.
  • Implement Form Validation: Ensure the login form validates user input for the username and password fields, providing immediate and clear feedback for any validation errors.

User Stories

  1. Secure Access: As a user, I want to enter my credentials to securely access the bug tracking application.
  2. Feedback on Authentication: As a user, I want immediate feedback if my login details are blank or incorrect, enabling me to correct any mistakes without confusion.
  3. Responsive Design: As a user, I expect the login page to be fully responsive, providing a seamless experience on my device, whether it's a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Form Validation Feedback: Implement immediate visual feedback for form validation errors using subtle animations or color changes.
  • Error Message Guidance: On login failure, display a non-compromising error message that guides users on their next steps.
  • Successful Login Redirection: Redirect users to the dashboard page upon successful authentication.

Stretch Goals

To go above and beyond, consider adding one or more of the following features:

  • Credential Validation: Match user input against the provided sample user credentials.
  • Remember Me: Implement a secure "remember me" feature to keep users logged in.
  • Password Visibility Toggle: Improve usability by allowing users to toggle password visibility.
  • OAuth Integration: Facilitate login via external services like GitHub or Google.

Starter Materials

To help you get started, you're equipped with the following assets:

  • Project Images: Necessary image files, including logos, are provided.
  • Style Guide: Direct from Buggsy, featuring color schemes, fonts, and more.
  • Preview Images: Visual benchmarks to guide your design to completion.
  • Figma File: Leverage design files in Figma as a blueprint for your development efforts.

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  • Detailed User Stories
  • Figma Design File
  • Image files of the target layout
  • Starter Code and README file

Skills Practiced

  • Frontend Development: Deepen your expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with a focus on responsive design and accessibility.
  • UX/UI Design: Develop a keen eye for user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interfaces, including effective user feedback mechanisms. And refine your ability to build a pixel-perfect frontend from a given design spec and mockup.
  • Version Control: Use Git for version control, documenting your development process and changes.


Why should I build this project instead of one from scratch?

In a professional context, you're rarely starting from scratch. Curricular Projects are designed to give you a constrained real world problem so you can focus on practicing the essential skills you'll use as a professional developer, and to surface specific areas to continue studying.

Can I get help if I'm stuck on a project?

Our projects are designed to be a real world assessment of your skills, like the take home assignment during a job interview. Getting yourself unstuck is part of the skills measured. As a result, we offer very little help and direction.

However, if you encounter issues with the setup, or if you find something isn't working right that should be working, you can contact us at and we'll help you out.

Do you provide official solutions to projects?

We do not provide official solutions to projects. There are many ways to solve each of our projects. Coding is a journey, so our goal isn't for you to get the "right answer." Instead, our projects are about you flexing your skills to arrive at a solution, practicing talking about your code, and giving you helpful feedback on ways to improve.

Can I get feedback on my work?

Currently, we only provide feedback on capstone projects, through our Code Review service.

The Code Review is a premium service available as an add-on purchase, combining an in-depth review of your code and a practice interview. If your project passes the review and meets all specifications, you'll receive a certificate of completion.

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