Learn the techniques master teachers use to create effective and engaging courses

  • Create amazing course content efficiently
  • Make your courses stand out with engaging learning experiences
  • Get over the common hurdles all authors face

Online learning expert Brian Green (former head of content development at Udacity and Pluralsight) will teach you skills and frameworks that have helped hundreds of the most successful online teachers turn their ideas into best-selling courses.

Why Do Most Aspiring Course Creators Fail?

When I began leading content development at Pluralsight, I noticed a startling trend: over 60% of first-time authors failed to ever complete a course.

These were super talented people with experience writing technical content and presenting at conferences and meetups. So why was creating a course so difficult for them?

I spent months studying every step in the course creation process. I talked with successful authors, studied their processes, and talked with authors who quit.

From this research, I designed a course development framework to guide creators through a standardized process from end to end. No guesswork about what to do next. No mysteries about how to go from idea to finished course. And clear expectations about quality.

Two years later, the author attrition rate was under 25%. Better yet, we increased the number of courses we could publish on the platform to over 1,000 annually, and decreased course creation time to under 90 days.

This framework also taught authors what they needed to know along the way to succeed. By the end of their first course, they would know the process and techniques well enough to make their next course mostly on their own.

A Framework for Making Awesome Courses. Every Time.

Creating a course doesn't have to be mysterious. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. If you put in the time and effort, and follow a framework, you will succeed.

This course will guide you through my proven course development framework, and help you produce an awesome course.

If you're passionate about making an impact in your students' lives, and ready to put in the work to make an awesome course, this framework will help you make it happen.

Who is This For?

Google is full of resources about creating online courses, from podcasts to blogs to webinars -- even courses. There's a lot of wisdom from people sharing their experience.

But there's a lot of misleading information about what it takes to make great courses. There's no magic formula that makes this easy. The people who make it look easy usually have a team behind the scenes.

The truth is it's hard to make great courses. It takes time and it takes a lot of work. You'll hate parts of it and want to give up. I know - over the years, I've seen a lot of creators get stuck and give up. But I've also learned what it takes, and I'm here to help make sure you succeed.

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I'm in. Let's Do This
"Brian’s knowledge of pedagogy and online course creation is top notch. He is a true leader who cares about the student, the teachers, and the product, and he uses this to create great educational products."

Luis Serrano | Serrano Academy, former Apple Lead AI Educator

About Your Instructor

Hey there, I'm Brian.

Over the last 10 years, I've helped 500+ creators earn over $50 million publishing online courses.

I scaled course development operations at online education startups Pluralsight and Udacity, helping creators build profitable online courses, developing quality standards, and refining instructional design best practices. I've learned what works (and doesn't work) for learners and for authors.

I'm excited to teach you the frameworks and techniques that have helped some of the most successful online creators build amazing courses and reach millions of students around the world.

Course Contents

What's included?

7 hours of video lectures

Hands-on exercises and guides

Reusable course planning templates

Weekly office hours with Brian

Monthly 1-on-1 coaching session with Brian

What You'll Do in the Program

Plan your course, from scoping your course outline to understanding your target student

Learn to use innovative content formats to differentiate your course and make it highly effective for students

Create a real-world project for students to complete at the end of the course

Plan and storyboard your lesson content with backwards design and storytelling techniques used by master teachers

Pilot test your course content

Setup a recording studio for high quality media production

Produce your lesson content - slides, text, video, and audio

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